As a business Panacea are quality driven, working to contractual agreements with Clients in the pharmaceutical industry.  ISO certification is something we request from our vendors and contractors, so it makes good business sense to hold this certification ourselves.

The ISO process is initially quite daunting, so we approached ISO QA for a Gap Analysis and to gain a better understanding of what was ahead of us.  We were impressed with the knowledge and insight from ISO QA, and agreed it would be good to have them on board during the process.  This has been a huge undertaking for the business, and Gemma helped us through each step of the process, and we were delighted to gain ISO accreditation in May 2021, and plan to continue working with ISO QA in the future, as ISO certification is an on-going process.

This is an important step for the business and is an endorsement of everything we do and how we do it.  ISO QMS 9001:2015 is a highly recognisable quality management standard, which will help us improve our efficiencies and stand out from our business competitors, and the credibility and reassurance that it brings will help support the growth of the company.