Welcome to the Small Business GDPR Questionnaire.

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Name Business Email Phone Number

Customer Details

When dealing with Customers please indicate by ticking the box what information you collect.

Customer Financial Details

When arranging payment with the customer, please indicate which methods of payment are used.
Do you issue invoices with customer details?

Delivery Notes

If you deliver goods to customers do you issue a delivery note for your driver with customer details?

Supplier Details

If goods are supplied to your company, please indicate if you hold details of the supplier and their bank details.

Agreements held

Do you hold any supplier agreements?


If you are registered for VAT, please indicate.

Income Tax

Are you registered as an employer for ITIP?

Staff Information

Do you retain staff details?

Do you retain current staff payroll details?

Do you retain former staff details?

Marketing Activity

Does your company engage in Marketing to existing customers or potential customers?

Record Retention

Have you a system in place for the storage of e-mails, documents, letters etc?

Record Disposal

Is there a system in place for the secure disposal of company records?

Third Party Suppliers

Does your company use other companies/suppliers to provide services to your company?

If you are happy with your responses please press the Submit button to complete the questionnaire.