ISO 27001: helping you to keep customer data safe and secure

At a time when customers are becoming ever more aware of data security and their digital footprints, it’s essential that all businesses are at the top of their game when it comes to handling and managing information.

When customers entrust you with their personal data, they want to be reassured that it is safe and in good hands.

One way to achieve this is to obtain ISO 27001 accreditation. This is the internationally recognised standard which gives customers full confidence that their information will be stored and managed securely using best practices.

The commercial benefits resulting from increased levels of customer trust and improved reputation in the current information landscape are self-explanatory, directly translating into increased signups and engagement, better sales, and more effective marketing.

But gaining ISO 27001 accreditation also offers many other advantages.

It provides a framework for reducing your business risk by proactively addressing issues and potential threats, whilst treating identified problems and mitigating impacts before they become incidents. It also supports businesses in complying with legal and regulatory requirements, and keeping up to date with changes to these requirements, helping you to stay at the forefront of new developments in technology, whilst finding new ways to continually improve.

Crucially, ISO 27001 offers external verification that you are doing all the right things by adhering to the principles and requirements of the standard – providing objective evidence that your information security systems and processes are up to the task of looking after your customers’ most valuable information.

By adopting best practice throughout your business, you are also empowering your staff to make better decisions, something that is particularly important in information security where often your front line can be your biggest vulnerability. A properly trained workforce helps to reduce the risk of security lapses or accidental blunders.

ISO 27001 can lead to significant gains by improving systems and processes, making them more secure, efficient and reliable, and reducing downtime due to unforeseen events. As an internationally recognised and respected standard, an accreditation can also open doors, helping you to win more business in competitive markets, and allowing you to demonstrate your integrity and commitment to keeping information safe in an increasingly cyber world.


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