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Producing reliable results is essential for any organisation that performs testing, sampling or calibration and ISO 17025 accreditation is a way to demonstrate your competency in this field.

Developed by laboratory experts, organisations and associations from all over the world, ISO 17025 is useful to universities, research centres, governments, regulators, inspection bodies, product certification organisations and other conformity assessment bodies with the need to do testing, sampling or calibration.

Key Benefits

of ISO 17025

  • Demonstrates your laboratory operates competently and with a high level of quality assurance.
  • Creates confidence that you are producing valid and trustworthy results.
  • Enables test reports and certificates to be accepted in other countries without the need for further testing, facilitating international cooperation.
  • Builds credibility and enhances the reputation of your laboratory.
  • Helps laboratories to establish an effective management system that can reduce costs and encourage risk-based thinking.

How we work with you:

All ISO accreditations follow the same process:

Step 1:Gap Review

An ISO QA Consultant will visit your business to review and document your current processes and procedures, highlighting any areas that do not meet the requirements of the Standard.

Step 2:Implementation

Now it’s time to make sure any required process or procedural changes are made, as highlighted in the Gap Review. ISO QA will work with you every step of the way to make these changes.

Step 3:Certification

An Auditor visits your business to check that the documented processes are being followed and that the necessary changes have been made. Once they are satisfied, you will be awarded your certification.


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